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Automated Multi-layered Warehouse in Feiliks Southwest Region Was Officially Launched

After more than a year of data collection, analysis and debugging, the first automated multi-layered warehouse in Feiliks Southwest region was?officially launched on February 20, 2019!!!

▲?At 10:18 a.m., Zhu Gang, general manager of Feiliks Southwest region, gave important instructions to the project team of automated multi-layered warehouse, clarified the responsibilities of each member and affirmed the achievements of all the staff in the project team.

▲?Manager Zhu officially started the operation process of our automated multi-layered warehouse in front of the production line, and personally experienced the speed and convenience of the multi-layered warehouse.

▲?Our warehousing department staff also worked on the operation process later, striving to use the shortest time to master the operation of multi-layered warehouse.

With the use of automated multi-layered warehouses, high-level warehouse rationalization, access automation, easy operation, and improved utilization of space can be realized; through computer network technology, the storage operations and tracking management system can achieve real-time quality tracking management, real-time production variety tracking management and real-time distribution tracking management, and realize online integrated operation; seamless connection of production, storage and distribution integrates automated multi-layered warehouses with the production system of the whole enterprise, forming its complete and rational logistics system, and improving its production management. Such acts are the product of us following the trend of “intelligent production” era, by upgrading and reforming the existing flat warehouse operation mode and introducing the automatic warehousing operation mode. The automated multi-layered warehouse will comprehensively improve the company logistics capabilities and management, thus providing customers with better service!