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Feiliks: Feiliks, Together with SAP, Would Like to Provide Better Logistics Services for High-end Manufacturing.

On April 19, Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Feiliks”) signed a memorandum of cooperation with SAP on “SAP Forum Shanghai” and formally issued a declaration of cooperation. According to the memorandum, the two sides will deepen their cooperation, coordinate around new models and technologies, and help the two sides to further innovate.

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With the help of SAP S/4HANA business suite, SAP will build a financial business integration and large data platform for Feiliks, and provide a unified source of information for functional departments. Moreover, with the help of SAP Hybris solution, SAP will help Feiliks integrate online and offline logistics resources, and create a trading platform with seamless digital experience for customers. These measures are closely in line with Feiliks future development needs, and also essential for the company to improve the quality of internal operation and management and accelerate transformation and upgrading.

Li Hanlin, chief operating officer of SAP Greater China, said, “We are very happy to further deepen our cooperation with Feiliks. The tertiary industry of logistics industry has been increasing its share of GDP, which has obviously stimulated the overall GDP. The growth of logistics-related industries has been great for a long time and is worth investing. The rapid development of logistics industry and Internet has accelerated the transformation of logistics enterprises and evolved into a more real-time, digital-driven business model. With solutions such as S/4HANA, SAP Transportation Management and SAP Hybris solution, we will not only help Feiliks to manage internally, innovate its interaction with customers, but also look forward to working with Feiliks to explore innovative models of cross-border cooperation. Both sides jointly build Feiliks modern enterprise information platform, and make Feiliks a benchmark customer of SAP in the field of logistics and supply chain services.”

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President Yao Qin also expressed his expectations at the signing ceremony, “Feiliks has been focusing on logistics services for 20 years, providing logistics and supply chain services for high-end manufacturing industries. SAP is the leader in the software industry, and the cooperation with SAP is the most correct decision of Feiliks. Through the SAP project, Feiliks departments and business sectors will be able to better coordinate and provide more efficient and high-quality services to our major manufacturing customers and their suppliers at all levels.”

establishment 20 years ago, Feiliks has been adhering to the mission of “Promoting the competitiveness of customers with excellent supply chain management and service”. We are focusing on import and export customs declaration and inspection, land, sea and air freight forwarding in IT, communications, automobile and precision instrument industries; raw material inbound logistics, production logistics, finished product outbound logistics, after-sales spare parts logistics, all kinds of characteristic logistics and integrated logistics solutions. We will remain the leader of continuous innovation in logistics industry.

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