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Growing Cooperation, We Are @ One

“On February 25, the representative of One, the sixth largest container shipping company in the world, visited Feiliks and awarded us silk banner and certificate of Top Performer, the best partner in 2018, which means its affirming of Feiliks outstanding performance in 2018. It hopes to continue to strengthen cooperation with Feiliks in 2019 and create more records.”

On behalf of the company, president Geng Hao accepted the certificate of honor and expressed his sincere hope. He said the company was looking forward to One’s continued support, seizing opportunities and developing new cooperation projects between two sides. Feiliks business in Taicang Port is well developed. At present, we should think more about how to take advantage of the opportunities of transformation, especially based on the connection of Taicang in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and coordinate development in many aspects, such as setting up container change stations in Taicang, building off-site storage yards, and so on, to create a new situation of sea transportation innovation. In addition, the company is focusing on distributing overseas network, and we should also deeply analyze route changes in 2019, to provide satisfying customer service and build Feiliks brand in an all-around way.

Manager Zhao said that on the basis of 2018, One developed “Shanghai-Taicang” business, which had a great influence on the market. It is planned to expand the European and Mediterranean routes in April 2019. It will also promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and continue to launch new projects, such as land-to-sea, road-to-rail, container returning and goods pick-up in different places. It will strive to find some new innovative sides and coordinate development with Feiliks. He also said that cooperation with Feiliks was comprehensive for that Feiliks was the core partner.

General manager Tang Junhong and deputy general manager of Product Department Cai Xiaoming were very confident about the future development of sea transport, especially in Taicang Port. Due to its obvious location advantages, Taicang Port has a strong strategic significance. In the future, with yards, warehouses and railways, there will be one shipment from Taicang to Humen every day. Such schedule can relieve the pressure of foreign ports. The development prospects of Taicang Port are immeasurable. When it came to overseas networks, managers Tang and Cai were confident that Feiliks overseas agent resources were of high quality, so in 2019, Southeast Asian and European and American routes would have more breakthroughs in business growth.

It’s a pleasure to have friends coming from afar. Looking back to 2018 and looking forward to 2019, opportunities and challenges coexist, and we will work together with our partners to move forward on the customer service journey!