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Leaders of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Visited the Automated Warehouse in Southwest Region

In February 2019, the first automated warehouse in Feiliks Southwest Region was put into operation. After the completion of the project, many industry experts and media (Chongqing Television Station, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area News Office, Yubei Television Station, Xinhua Network, Xiamen Television Station, etc.) reported our automated multi-layered warehouses one after another. On April 28,

Warehouse Unveiling Ceremony of Feiliks Logistics (Asia) Limited

On March 27, 2019, the warehouse unveiling ceremony of Feiliks Logistics (Asia) Limited, a Hong Kong division of Feiliks South China region, was held in Hong Kong warehouse. Yang Fan, general manager of Feiliks South China region, Wu Jun, assistant general manager of Hong Kong region, Zhou Jing, vice general manager of the region, Wang

Growing Cooperation, We Are @ One

“On February 25, the representative of One, the sixth largest container shipping company in the world, visited Feiliks and awarded us silk banner and certificate of Top Performer, the best partner in 2018, which means its affirming of Feiliks outstanding performance in 2018. It hopes to continue to strengthen cooperation with Feiliks in 2019 and

Amazing Unmanned Vehicle

On January 10, 2019, the Engineering and Technology Department of Supply Chain Department cooperated with Kunshan Operations Department to successfully test-run the unmanned electric pallet car in Feichang No. 3 Warehouse. In recent years, various kinds of warehousing automation equipment mushroom in China. How to use automation equipment to improve the efficiency of warehousing operation

Feiliks: Ningbo Smartzone Opened Another New Member Joined in Feiliks

On December 5, the opening ceremony of Ningbo Feiliks & Smartzone International Logistics Inc. was grandly held. President Geng and other leaders of Feiliks attended the ceremony. Ningbo Smartzone is mainly engaged in international and domestic freight forwarding, road freight transportation, import and export business, etc. Its establishment reinvigorates Feiliks for its development and growth. We

Birth of the First Multi-layered Warehouse

After more than a year of data collection, analysis and field research, the project of No. 3 warehouse in Kunshan Operations Department of Supply Chain Department was successfully completed and officially launched on June 11, 2018. Such act is the product of us following the trend of “intelligent production” era, by upgrading and reforming the

[Common Heart·Common Journey·Common Social Benefits] The 11th Feiliks Hiking Festival

Spring said, I heard Feiliks’ footsteps. Feiliks staff said, “Because I’m always progressing!” The 11th Feiliks Hiking Festival in 2018, Was completed in the sun joyfully. We will continue to walk with you in 2019. On the morning of March 24, with president Yao’s instructions, we officially started this journey. Along the way, we had unforgettable