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Warehouse Unveiling Ceremony of Feiliks Logistics (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd.

On March 27, 2019, the warehouse unveiling ceremony of Feiliks Logistics (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong division of Feiliks South China region, was held in Hong Kong warehouse. Yang Fan, general manager of Feiliks South China region, Wu Jun, assistant general manager of Hong Kong region, Zhou Jing, vice general manager of the region, Wang Lei, assistant general manager of the region, Lu Huimei, vice general manager of Shenzhen region, Wen Jinbo, vice general manager of Dongguan region, and invited clients, including Alan Lo, managing director of Fedex, Ivan Cheung, director of Fedex, and Zhang Naidan, Cai Yihua and Xiao Zhongchen, partners of Micro-Star International, jointly unveiled the warehouse in Hong Kong. All colleagues of Hong Kong, management representatives of South China region and customer representatives attended the unveiling ceremony.

Worshipping gods↓↓↓

Yang Fan, general manager of Feiliks South China Region

Management representatives of South China Region

Group Photo with managing director and director of Fedex

Group photo with partners of Micro-star International

Hong Kong warehouse of Feiliks Logistics (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd. is located at No.57 Ha Mei San Tsuen Road, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong. It takes less than 30 minutes to reach all districts of Hong Kong, showing superior location and easy access to public transportation. Covering 11,000 square meters, the warehouse includes professional high-standard shelf warehouse, high-standard equipment, 5,000 shelf storage spaces, and 12 automatic loading and unloading platforms. The professional proprietary team consists of 35 people, with flexible operation, dealing with more than 4,000 orders monthly on average. The independent developed WMS system can seamlessly connect with customer B2B, which can be visualized, customized, and of precision, providing system solutions. The warehouse has rich operation experience in electronics, sports, footwear, cosmetics, maternal and child supplies, food, automobile and other industries. It has cooperated with more than 300 international well-known enterprises, such as ASUS, ACER, Gigabyte, MSI, Li & Fung, FEDEX, Kuehne + Nagel, UNDER AMOUR, Wyeth, Nissin, etc. In addition, there are many customized value-added services in the warehouse, such as customized label, LOT NO/DC special control, simple processing/assembly shipment, etc. Hong Kong warehouse is committed to providing integrated logistics solutions, such as DC/VMI warehouse management, e-Commerce, Cross Dock, air and sea CFS business, Hong Kong local pick-up and delivery and other services, as well as diversified customized services.

New warehouse↓↓↓

Kong warehouse of Feiliks Logistics (Asia Pacific) Limited is like a new seed, and we sow this seed in this beautiful spring, looking forward to its thriving growth and prosperity in all seasons. Wish Feiliks Hong Kong warehouse can make more and more achievement!

Group photo of the Asia Pacific staff↓↓↓