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Jiangsu Feiliks Was Invited to Attend the 16th Conference of China Warehousing and Distribution

On June 25, 2021, the 16th Conference of China Warehousing and Distribution and the 8th Conference of China (International) Green Warehousing and Distribution were held in Jinan Shandong, hosted by China Association of Warehousing and Distribution. Jiangsu Feiliks attended the conference as the speaker at the invitation of the Association.

Themed as “new ideas, patterns and goals-embark on the trajectory of warehousing modernization”, the conferences invited the administration, and other organizations, which nearly 600 representatives attended from the food and beverage industry, apparel industry, home appliance industry, 3C industry (computer, communication and consumer electronics), pharmaceuticals industry and other industries. Wang Peifang, Senior Vice Presiden of Jiangsu Feiliks delivered a keynote speech titled “practice and development of intelligent manufacturing-oriented intelligent logistics”. Actively responding to the national call of “promoting the integration of logistics and manufacturing industries,” Feiliks has seamlessly connected intelligent logistics with intelligent manufacturing together with its customers, contributing to building an intelligent supply chain system with higher efficiency and quality.