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Feiliks Went Hundreds of Miles Away to Fight Against the Outbreak

At 5:56 p.m. on January 30, a truck entered the downtown area of Kunshan from the exit of Kunshan High-Tech Zone. Perhaps no one would notice it, thinking it was just a trailer transporting goods from south to north. Remarkably, Kunshan police cars made a way for it, which was loaded with 136,947 bags and 300,000 emergency masks sent from Beijing.

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been hard to obtain masks in all parts of the country. All organizations and institutions in Kunshan are striving to do so. After searching for a long time, relevant units in Kunshan got some good news: the masks belonging to an enterprise in Kunshan were stuck in a warehouse in Beijing. The enterprise was perplexed by the question: who will help them to transport these masks under such an outbreak? In this time of crisis, they think of Feiliks!

On January 28, after knowing the needs of relevant organizations, the Transportation Department of Feiliks immediately initiated the task mode of communication and cooperation among the four parties, a task of racing against time. “Transport goods ASAP” is the demand and “strive to overcome difficulties by ourselves to fight COVID-19” is our commitment.

On the afternoon of January 28, the working group was established, which carefully planned the route to ensure no risks were taken. At night, the truck arrived at the pick-up warehouse. The next day after nearly seven hours of manual work, at 6:05 p.m., it started to return “home”. After the long nerve-racking day, the staff from the Transportation Department of Feiliks could finally feel relieved.

At 8:28 a.m. on January 30, the masks were put into storage. We really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Wang Jinyou, who was responsible for the transportation. He traveled all the way south, and it took him only 12 hours to drive nearly 1,200 kilometers.

So far, Feiliks has completed its task successfully!

The outbreak blocks livelihood, but logistics can build a channel for life. As a third-party logistics enterprise, Feiliks is fortunate to be able to contribute its own power at a critical time when our society needs us. COVID-19 may take our physical lives but it cannot take away our feelings. We can try our best to help each other, through which we will gain strength and resilience. We will never give up, and keep progressing forward as always! We strive for perfection and infinity. Thank you for your trust and company!