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Feiliks Signed the Cooperation Agreement with CRCT Shanghai Branch

On March 23, Feiliks signed the cooperation agreement with CRCT Shanghai branch.

Liu Xilin, General Manager of CRCT Shanghai branch, and Yao Qin, Chairman of the board of Feiliks, attended the signing ceremony. They discussed about deepening cooperation, comprehensively updating customer service quality, improving service efficiency and other issues, on which they reached an agreement and signed on it.

During the discussion, both sides appreciated efforts in previous cooperation. Chairman Yao stated that multimodal transport through railway is one of Feiliks development strategies, which is mainly carried out by East China region through the Changzhou Rongda route. He also stressed that Feiliks would strengthen cooperation with CRCT Shanghai branch to accelerate the construction of new railway network layout based on East China ports. He hoped that they could further their cooperation, play their distinctive advantages, and promote business after realizing stable development, thus creating a better future with win-win results. GM Liu maintained that CRCT Shanghai branch would maintain its operation on special production lines in the new development layout and ensure the smooth process of business through railway. There are numerous areas that Feiliks and CRCT Shanghai branch share to achieve win-win cooperation in railway products and sea-railway transport. It is hoped that they can explore a better cooperation mode to promote faster growth. CRCT Shanghai branch will listen to Feiliks development needs, fully improve its service with targeted measures, and reach common development.

Yao Wanghua, Vice General Manager of CRCT Shanghai branch, Jiang Wengui, General Manager of CRCT, Kuai Yuchun, Vice General Manager of CRIMT Shanghai Branch, Tang Junhong, Vice President of Feiliks, Song Ke, General Manager of Multimodal Transport Department of Feiliks, and other leadership also attended the ceremony.