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Constantly Striving for Perfection, Feiliks Customized Service Solved the Pain Point of Precision Instrument Industry

A well-known environmental protection equipment enterprise produced extremely high-precision finished equipment with non-standard size specifications, and had very high standards on logistics transportation process. Accordingly, Feiliks formulated exclusive solutions from product characteristics and enterprise logistics needs.

Under sea transport mode, there are damage risks of loading, binding and shipment at the port for non-standard size cargo, and it is complicated and hard to coordinate between site, shipping agent, port and other sides. Feiliks formulated the overall solution and process for it, including booking space, stuffing containers, customs declaration, port entry, factory packing, tracking and uploading and signing bill of lading. We ensured orderly progress of the whole process, and safely protected precision instruments in the transport links.

At the same time, by virtue of its professional operation experience on large objects, Feiliks customized shipping plans to Shanghai and Taicang ports to help customer understand the situation thoroughly and make the best choice. In the process, we showed professional customs clearance ability, and good cooperation and communication mechanism with shipping companies and shipping agents for many years, led the way of direct loading alongside the ship and binding on the ship, and had on-site follow-up by some specialists on special items all the time. From booking space, coordinating loading on-site, and supervision alongside the ship to boarding on the ship, this series of service links provided the customer with professional logistics manage service, achieving the goal of ensuring the safety of shipment and facilitating enterprise sales.

Through one-stop operation chain to serve enterprises, we visually controlled the whole process, realized real-time information exchange, and achieved the goal of reducing customer logistics manpower cost, and improving enterprise sales satisfaction. In addition, the transportation pain point of precision instruments enterprise was solved. We have created practical service value!